National investment seminars

Monex, Inc. organizes about five investment seminars a year across the nation, each of which attracts some 500 participants. Not only our CEO and Chief Strategist but outside experts take the rostrum and provide customers with an investment education opportunity.

Total number of seminars held by region (2013-2023.1)

Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kinki Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu
No. 10 10 6 12 10 4 4 9

Annual total number of participants

FYE 2014 FYE 2015 FYE 2016 FYE 2017 FYE 2018 FYE 2019 FYE 2020 FYE 2021 FYE 2022
No. 2,085 1,992 1,259 2,313 1,688 1,989 3,213 12,370 23,021

*Includes online seminars in FY2020-2022

“National Investment Seminar 2018 in Yokohama”
(approx. 800 people)
“National Investment Seminar 2018 in Yokohama”
(approx. 800 people)
“National Investment Seminar 2020” (virtual)
“National Investment Seminar 2020” (virtual)

Online seminars

Monex disseminates the latest information on investment through online seminars proactively. In addition to those limited to its customers, the company organizes those in which any individual investor can take part as well, thereby providing investors with information widely.

Online seminars organized by Monex, Inc. – Number of participants and seminars

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
No. of Seminars 151 214 159 177 193
No. of Participants 102,923 137,494 146,933 159,806 134,636

Investment education at Monex University

Based on the belief that enhancing individual financial literacy helps activate the capital market and develop the economy, Monex, Inc. has focused on educating the public on investment since it was founded. Monex set up Monex University, which performs the pivotal role in investment education, within the organization to carry out activities targeting mainly novice investors continuously.

Endowed university course

Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of Professional Studies Endowed Chair

Offering an endowed course at the Professional Graduate School of Aoyama Gakuin University (MBA program) every year since 2014. The course covers ROE management in the first term and an overview of the financial capital markets in the second term, with Takashi Hiroki, Chief Strategist, teaching as a faculty member. A total of 668 students have participated in the course (as of the end of December 2021).

Investment education for future generations

Lecture Scene for Students

Nana Otsuki, Chief Analyst, serves as a professor at the Graduate School of Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, as well as a visiting professor of International Politics and Economics at Nishogakusha University, regularly offering lectures to undergraduate and gradate school students.

Regularly hosting financial lectures for students' investment clubs since 2018.

Financial courses for student investment clubs
Financial courses for student investment clubs
Financial courses for student investment clubs

For five consecutive years since 2017, we have sponsored the MIRAI SUMMER CAMP, a kids' workshop sponsored by Mori Building that provides children with cutting-edge learning opportunities.  In 2021, financial planners Catherine and Nancy*, who are engaged in financial education activities nationwide,  served as instructors, and everyone enjoyed the workshop.
The participants enjoyed learning about money and the mechanism of stock investment in the workshop.
(*Catherine (Kaori
 Takeuchi) and Nancy (Nami Nishioka) are financial planners from a securities company. They offer financial courses for children and parents under the theme of "Making Money Education as a Part of Public Education. They are active mainly in elementary schools and public institutions (259 courses as of July 2021).

(KIDS' WORKSHOP 2021 "Let's learn with your child! First Time Stock Investment" (August 2021))
(KIDS' WORKSHOP 2021 "Let's learn with your child! First Time Stock Investment" (August 2021))
(KIDS' WORKSHOP 2021 "Let's learn with your child! First Time Stock Investment" (August 2021))

(KIDS' WORKSHOP 2021/MIRAI SUMMER CAMP hosted by Mori Building in Aug 2021)

Hosting "Money School" events at commercial facilities and co-hosting seminars with Japan Exchange Group as appropriate

Monex organized a "Money School" event in a commercial facility in August 2018, co-sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Financial Public Relations Committee whose secretariat office is within the Public Relations Department of Bank of Japan.

money school
money school

Co-hosting seminars with Japan Exchange Group appropriate.

Co-sponsored seminar with Japan Exchange
Co-sponsored seminar with Japan Exchange

Hosting a variety of investment education seminars for women

Monex hosted a seminar titled "How to Polish Your Money 2019" specifically tailored for women in collaboration with Nikkei WOMAN , giving a lecture on how to grow and increase money for the future.


Part I: Key note speech by Satoshi Nojiri, Head of Fidelity Research Institute on Retirement and Investment Education


Part II: Talk Session
Satoshi Nojiri, Head of Fidelity Research Institute on Retirement and Investment Education, Asuka Fujikawa, Chief Editor of Nikkei WOMAN, and Nana Otsuki, Head of Monex University, had a discussion session and answered questions submitted from the attendees, including;

"What are good investment channels among many options such as iDeCo and NISA?"; "How can I use my assets in a balanced way in order to actively take part in investment from the perspectives of living up to 100 years old, not just from the perspective of retirement saving?" and "What are the basic ideas of timing for buying and selling?"


Seminar for women on "How to improve your money power in 2019"
Seminar for women on "How to improve your money power in 2019"
Seminar for women on "How to improve your money power in 2019"
Seminar for women on "How to improve your money power in 2019"

Publication of books

・Start Today! The Ultimate Guide to Investing in U.S. Stocks: Why Oki Matsumoto Recommends It (by Oki Matsumoto, published by Toyo Keizai Inc. in October 2021)
・Chart Analysis that All Winning Investors Know (by Tadashi Fukushima, published by Fusosha in March 2021)
・Popular Strategist's Predictions! 2021 Market Issues (by Takashi Hiroki, published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, December 2020)
・Now is Your Chance! An Introduction to Investing in U.S. Stocks to Increase Your Assets (by Heihachiro Okamoto, published by Business Inc. in December 2020)
・The Truth about the Great FX Market (by Hisashi Yoshida, published by Business-Sha in November 2020)



TradeStation offers a unique trading education experience that allows traders to choose the education modality that they feel is right for them. Education is offered with in person and virtual learning classrooms available at multiple times throughout the day. Clients can connect to a live TradeStation specialist to answer questions, walk through product demonstrations, view trade strategy applied in the platform, and learn market basics. TradeStation offers a range of learning opportunities from formal education courses about products and the markets and also quick online tutorials and live Q&A sessions with industry experts and TradeStation training specialists. TradeStation also participates in industry conferences and speaking engagements across the country, connecting real market knowledge with useful ways to set up the platform to ensure clients can trade efficiently, and confidently.

Support for Universities

University of Miami Athletics

TradeStation has signed an agreement to become the official FinTech sponsor of the University of Miami (UM) Athletics in March 2022. Through this sponsorship, TradeStation has also been named the presenting sponsor of the Miami Hurricanes Football Season. TradeStation seeks to educate Hurricanes fans, students, faculty, and alumni on trading and investing in financial products and provide educational opportunities, internships, and seminars.


Miami Dade College (MDC)

In order to gain real-time crypto trading experience, TradeStation donated $50,000 to MDC's Student Managed Investment Fund ("SMIF"). SMIF is student-led, providing hands-on experience running an investment fund with real assets through TradeStation's digital asset platform, and any investment returns generated by the SMIF also help support scholarships for student. Students manage the SMIF’s crypto assets through TradeStation Crypto’s platform and gain access to TradeStation Crypto’s educational and investing resources to help deepen their knowledge of crypto and leverage investment strategies.

Community-Based Educational Support Activities

TradeStation supported Overtown Youth Center*1 and Breakthrough Miami*2, which provide investment education opportunities for underprivileged children. TradeStation also sponsored the Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center*3 provides IT and investment education in the Little Haiti area.

*1 Overtown Youth Center (OYC) provides a comprehensive educational program for promising youth in kindergarten through age 25 and their families in South Florida. OYC supports their personal growth through learning and strengthen family wellness.
*2 Breakthrough Miami provides an excellent educational opportunity for the next generation motivated, under-resourced 5th – 12th grade students through a learning program that uses a “student-teaching-students” model. For more information, please visit this link.
*3 Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center (PTLLC) has served as a spiritual hub that provides educational, social, and relief services to the Haitian Community in Miami and Haiti for the past 39 years. Today, PTLLC offers literacy program, after-school/summer programs for ages 5-14, day care services for children, technology lab, and more. For more information, please visit this link.