Monex Group Code of Conduct

Monex Group is a totally new, redefined type of financial institution established with the goal to create the very best financial services individuals need.

To consistently provide our customers innovative, high-quality products and services and to be a company that is trusted and respected by society, we have created a Code of Conduct for our Group Officers and Employees.

1. Creativity and high ethical standards

We shall pursue creativity and high ethical standards as we aspire to design the future of finance.

2. A customer-first stance

We shall make customer feedback the company’s foremost guideline and maintain and be vigilant about communication to provide the best financial services for individuals.

3. A relationship of unwavering trust with society

We shall strictly abide by all laws and regulations, disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner and conduct business activities as a responsible and thoughtful citizen to build a relationship of unwavering trust with society.

4. Respect for human rights and diversity

We shall exercise caution to ensure equal opportunity in employment and an appropriate work environment. And we shall create an open and fair company that respects the diversity of people’s values without discrimination or human rights violation.