Monex Group Code of Conduct

Monex Group, Inc. (the “Company”) defines its corporate philosophy as “Always a step ahead of the “Y” in “MONEY, ” our name MONEX expresses our desire to embrace all people who are engaged at the forefront of our future. With state-of-the-art Information Technology, globally universal values and a sense of professionalism, Monex Group designs innovative ways of managing money and realizing individual self‐fulfillment for an ever-changing future. Our ultimate goal is to optimize each person’s lifetime balance sheet.” 

Based on our corporate philosophy, we have created and implemented the Monex Group Code of Conduct which is applicable to the Company and its group companies (collectively, the “Group”) and to be observed by anyone, including directors, officers and employees, working in the Group (collectively, the “Monex People”), so that we would be able to continue providing our customers innovative and best-quality products and services, and being a company that is trusted and respected by society. 

1. Creativity and ethical manner

We shall pursue creativity and ethical manner as we continue to serve people who are engaged at the forefront of our future.

2. Responsible stakeholder dialogue

To provide the best services for individual self-fulfillment, we shall pay constant attention to maintaining and maximizing engagement with our various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, the Monex People and suppliers and business partners through timely and appropriate information disclosure.

3. A commitment to a sustainable society

We shall establish a relationship of unwavering trust with our stakeholders and society by conducting corporate activities as a responsible and thoughtful citizen and by contributing to a sustainable society, through strict compliance with all laws and regulations.

4. Respect for human rights and diversity

We shall create an open and fair corporate culture through fair treatment, an appropriate work environment, mutual respect that is free from discrimination or human rights violations, and the acceptance of diverse values.