A total of 380 employees from Monex Group companies
gathered together, to get to know one another better,
reaffirming how we create new value

Marking its 25th anniversary, Monex Group organized an all-staff meeting, “Future Fest 2023,” on Saturday, August 19 at a hotel in Narita. From Monex Group, Monex Securities, Coincheck, Monex Ventures, Monex Asset Management, Viling (including Selan), Monex SP Trust, Japan Catalyst, and Monex Private Bank, roughly 200 employees participated in the reception the night before and stayed in the hotel, while 380 employees participated in the meeting on Saturday in person or online.

The event kicked off with a presentation on the direction of management, the first such opportunity for the new management team after Seimei-san took over the role of CEO from Matsumoto-san. The next speaker was Sachiko Kuno, one of the board members, who spoke about mindset and attitude attuned to bringing about innovations. It has been four years since the Future Fest 2019, when Group companies were united for innovations with the spirit of “For Creative Minds,” our Brand Statement. This time at Future Fest 2023, comprehensive programs over the day helped us gain a better understanding on what it means to “optimize the balance sheet of life,” our Corporate Philosophy, updated in 2021.

During workshops on this subject, participants were divided into small groups comprised of employees of different companies, introducing themselves and presenting their ideas over a delicious lunch box. The group discussion helped all members, even if new to each other, build rapport. When asked about what the liability of life is, many employees indicated “being trapped with the existing set of values.” This exemplifies how the unique value of Monex is being shared among employees. The event concluded with an introduction and Q&A of the Group companies. During that time, someone asked a well thought out question, “from what age can you write your will?” The answer, “15 years old,” was a surprising revelation and received a round of “wows!” from the audience. We heard from many participants that throughout the day the Fest was interesting and fun. 


The all-staff meeting proved to be a productive opportunity to connect employees and to get to know one another better. All of us gathered together under the shared vision and philosophy of Monex Group and reaffirmed how we all work hard to develop businesses and create new value thinking outside the box.