"ART IN THE OFFICE 2013" Program: About the Winning Artist and Her Work

About the ART IN THE OFFICE Program

Monex, Inc. started the ART IN THE OFFICE program in 2008 as part of its social and cultural activities with an aim to support emerging contemporary artists. The program seeks applications from artists of works to install on the wall of the press conference room within Monex`s headquarters in Kojimachi, Tokyo. The winner is given a cash award and production fee. The program is run in cooperation with the nonprofit art organization, Arts Initiative Tokyo. 

Work in progress

Marie Nohara Profile

Born 1987, Osaka(Japan). Participated in an international exchange program at Royal College of Art (London). Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School. Winner of "Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2013"(Tokyo), French Embassy Award and Audience Award. Selected Artist for program supporting emerging artists/curators, "1floor 2013"(Kobe). Carefully and critically analyzing the process of creating an image, Nohara devises a unique procedure to make her works by incorporating others' ideas and actions, and welcoming unexpected results.