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About Breadcrumbs

The "breadcrumb list" on the upper-left hand of the screen shows the positioning of the page within our site in layers. It is useful to jump to a page in the top layer.

About RSS

News release information is provided by RSS.
RSS is a technology that allows new information on a website to be provided through the internet.
RSS can be used on RSS support browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox, as well as RSS readers on web services such as My Yahoo!, and iGoogle.  By utilizing RSS, you can check updated information on websites efficiently.

Register by clicking on the RSS icon, or by copying the URL below and registering it to the RSS reader.


Recommended Environment

We recommend the following browsers in order to see and utilize our website with comfort.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or above
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Please ensure you are always using the latest version.

About Plug-ins

Plug-in is a software to add functions that your browser does not provide.
In order to see and print PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader, and in order to watch video streaming, you will need Adobe Flash Player.
Those who do not have these functions should click the icon below and install these software.

About Javascript

If you decline "JavaScript" function on your web browser, you may not view all contents of our website accurately. Setting it up by yourself on your browser is recommended.