Rationale Behind Human Resources Strategy in the Monex Group

In an era of uncertainty, where the business environment undergoes drastic changes, Monex Group firmly believes in the paramount significance of each and every employee's contribution to the company. This belief is essential to continually provide our customers with innovative, top-tier products and services while upholding our commitment to being a company trusted and respected by society. We regard human resources as our most crucial management asset. Aligned with Monex Group's company-wide "Human Resource Development Policy," we are dedicated to fostering an environment that optimizes the potential and competencies of our employees. This approach aims to achieve sustainable growth and bolster our corporate value.


Monex Group is actively working to define the behavioral and competence standards for high-performing employees. We are committed to investing more significantly in opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired by our workforce.

Human Resource Development Policy

By creating an environment that inspires the spirit of challenge in our executives and employees, who are highly motivated and passionate about change, we will develop autonomous human resources capable of enhancing the quality of organizational and team output and creating new future value.

Employee Training and Evaluation

In order to achieve sustainable growth, employee training and retention is important topic for the next generation of employees.


In the Japan segment, we changed the evaluation approach of management by focusing more on training and developing personnel than on performance. This change is designed so that management plays a more significant role in the development of human resources for the next generation.
Going forward, we will ensure our system provides that next generation of employees the chance to get career advice from management, and with our mentor system in place, we aim to create a work environment that encourages experienced employees to help develop and guide younger personnel.


In the U.S. segment, recruitment activities also incorporate DEI principles, ranging from recruiting diverse candidates and schools, for regular internship programs and post-hire compensation plans. Compensation programs are designed based on the hiring market and take into account the skill sets, job performance levels, and tenure of eligible candidates.


In human resource development, our training programs are designed to enable employees to take advantages of learning opportunities in order to enhance the value of their work. We also promote initiatives aimed at improving and enhancing the working environment, such as providing a work system that allows full remote work style and hybrid work style, giving quarterly awards to employees, and conducting regular hearings from employees. In addition, TradeStation Group shares the "TradeStation Fundamentals" , a set of 26 values with all employees in order to provide valuable services to our clients.

Career Self-Assessment System


To provide clarity on each employee's future career path, The Monex Group has implemented a Career Self-Assessment System conducted annually. Employees complete a designated sheet outlining their current situation and the career aspirations they aim to achieve in the forthcoming years. Subsequently, meetings with the Human Resources Department are arranged as needed. This initiative has facilitated career transitions for a diverse spectrum of employees, spanning from young professionals to seasoned individuals. It has cultivated an environment that encourages employees to embrace challenges, irrespective of their age.

Internal Recruitment System

The Monex Group has implemented an internal recruitment system for specific positions. The primary goal of this system is to motivate employees to embrace fresh challenges and assume roles of increased responsibility by leveraging their inherent motivation and capabilities. Through this system, employees are empowered to browse and apply for roles aligned with their interests and competencies, as these opportunities are openly advertised across the company. The selection of the most suitable candidate involves a comprehensive process that includes interviews. This system not only supports individual employee growth and career trajectories but also invigorates the entire organization.

About recruitment

New Graduate Recruitment

In the Japan segment (Monex Group, Monex, Inc.), we are recruiting at two locations: Tokyo Head Office and Hachinohe Office.


Recruitment by Career Course

At our Tokyo Head Office, we employ a course-based recruitment system. Course refers to the specific division to which an employee will be assigned upon joining the company. The Securities Business Course offers opportunities for employees to engage in various aspects of the securities business, whereas the Engineer Course involves employees in the development of our core securities system, an in-house developed platform provided by our company.At the Hachinohe Office, we employ communicators (operators) who offer customer support through telephone and email correspondence. Our work environment accommodates diverse work styles, primarily constrained by the designated work locations.


Internship Programs

We have programs in both Tokyo and Hachinohe to get actual work experience in multiple departments. We provide learning opportunities for job hunters, including programs that enable them to understand system development with on-site engineers and programs that allow them to learn about the financial industry and asset management.


Mid-Career Recruitment

We also focus on mid-career recruitment in order to secure human resources with specialized knowledge, skills, and experience who can be immediately effective. We are also actively diversifying our human resources by creating an environment that allows employees to utilize their experience and knowledge gained in various fields, such as through alumni recruitment for retired employees and referral recruitment for acquaintances and friends of employees.