Shareholder Return Policy

The Company aims to provide returns to its shareholders based on the business performance, while securing investment capacity for growth, and targets at a 75% total return ratio* on a multi-year basis.
The lower limit of the dividend is an annual 2% DOE (dividend on equity). The capital distribution will be made by dividend payments and/or share buybacks in a timely manner determined at management’s discretion.
“Equity” means the sum of “common stock”, “additional paid-in capital”, “treasury stock” and “retained earnings”.


* Total return ratio = (total dividends paid + total amount of share buyback) / net income attributable to owners of the Company

Benefit Program for shareholders

The Company implement a benefit program for shareholders for the purpose of showing its gratitude to all its shareholders for their support, increasing the number of owners of its shares together with the number of the shares owned by each shareholder by making its shares more attractive for shareholders to hold, and promoting a further understanding of the business of the Company among non-shareholders as well as shareholders. The following benefit program will be implemented for the reference date on September 30, 2020.

Monex Points granted for accounts in Monex, Inc.

Eligible shareholders

Shareholders who own 100 shares (i.e. 1 shares unit) or more which are under custody in the brokerage accounts of Monex, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company, as of September 30 or March 31 each year, and who trade at least once per the referred period.

Note) The above only applies to the Company’s shares by cash trading, not by margin trading.


Feature of the shareholder benefit program

Eligible shareholders receive Monex points according to the amount of brokerage commission paid for cash trading of any symbols (including the amount of consumption tax, etc.) during a defined period in each shareholder’s brokerage account (indluding transactions in "TradeStation" account, a Japanese Equities Trading Tool) of Monex, Inc. The points to be provided are determined depending on the number of shares held at the reference date as per the table below.

For reference, one Monex points is equivalent to one yen.

The number of shares at the reference date Providing points
Cashback rate to be multiplied by the amount of brokerage commission for the cash trading Maximum points (half-year period) Minimum points (half-year period)
100~999 - - 50 points
1,000~1,999 0.50% 10,000 points 500 points
2,000~19,999 2.00% 20,000 points 500 points
20,000~ 10.00% 30,000 points 500 points

The reference date
(delivery date)
Defined period
(execution date)
Timing of providing points
September 30 From October 1 to March 31 of
the following year
From April 1 to 30 of the
following year
March 31 From April 1 to September 30  From October 1 to 31

Note ) The above does not apply to shareholders who close the brokerage account at the timing of providing points.