Competency and Capability Development Support

The Monex Group fosters the enhancement of employee capabilities and business execution by tailoring training programs based on specific purposes, including categorization by job level and task-oriented training. Additionally, our focus extends to nurturing next-generation leaders, exemplified by assessment training for potential managers, aimed at fostering the sustainable growth of the organization. Moreover, for our young employees, we have established a training environment that incorporates on-the-job training, commencing with the early acquisition of fundamental skills essential for working adults.

By level

By subject


- Onboarding training for new entry
- Follow-up training for the first year
- Career drive training 
- Assessment training for potential managers
- New manager training 
- Labor management training
- Evaluator training

- Security training
- Compliance training
- Brand training
- Mental health harassment training
- Securities and foreign exchange staff quality improvement training
- Anti-corruption training
- DEI training
- Legal contract training
- Training for securities system operations

*Programs are offered to full-time employees and contractors of Monex Group and Monex, Inc.

Support for Self-Directed Learning

The Monex Group strongly believes that building a flexible learning environment significantly enhances employees' capabilities. Therefore, we are actively encouraging and supporting voluntary individual learning as well as group learning initiatives. The Monex Group has implemented a qualification acquisition support system that provides subsidies of up to 500,000 JPY for qualification acquisition costs. Additionally, we offer diverse e-learning platforms such as AirCourse and Udemy, enabling employees to access a wide range of content based on skills. Furthermore, our provision includes language support through online English conversation sessions and an optional external training system like the Recruit Management School. Alongside these initiatives, we have also introduced a selective external training system via the Recruit Management School.


■Usage of Learning Support (FY2022)

Qualification support system


Online English conversation

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*Programs are offered to full-time employees and contractors of Monex Group and Monex, Inc.

*Actual result of FY2022