Flexible Work Schedule


We are implementing various measures and designing systems to foster an environment where employees, unified by the embodiment of the Monex Group's corporate philosophy, can work with creativity and vitality. We believe that by providing an environment conducive to balancing diverse personal and professional life events, each employee can attain self-fulfillment and embrace new challenges beyond the company's scope.


Alongside our existing flextime and telecommuting systems, which allow unrestricted working hours and locations, we are expanding our support system to accommodate leaves and reduced working hours for significant life events like childcare and caregiving.



Work Environment Improvement Policy: We will create an environment that accepts diverse work styles of diverse human resources and fairly evaluates the proactive efforts of each and every executive and employee to revitalize the organization and teams.

Responding to Diverse Working Styles

We believe that maintaining a good balance between personal and professional lives is crucial for ensuring high employee motivation in their daily work. At Monex Group, we have implemented systems like childcare leave and nursing care leave to enable employees to lead fulfilling lives while managing the demands of both work and family. Additionally, we are proud to maintain a 100% return-to-work rate after maternity leave.


List of paid leave programs at major group companies

Monex Group and Monex, Inc. Paid Leave:

5 consecutive vacations, accumulated leave, service leave, birthday leave, spouse maternity leave, wedding leave, bereavement leave, disaster leave


Coincheck Paid Leave:

5 consecutive vacations, spousal maternity leave, wedding leave, disaster leave, bereavement leave


TradeStation Paid Leave:

Unlimited days paid leave, leave for family and medical purposes, maternity/childcare paid leave policy, bereavement leave


(The table below shows the results of childcare leave taken.)







Leave takers



Average days



Leave takers



Average days