"2001: A Space Odyssey"-the 1968 science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick features "HAL," a computer that surpasses humans in intelligence.


The name "HAL" alphabetically precedes "IBM" by one letter, and is said to symbolize a future computer.


The company name "MONEX" was created in the same manner in 1999: the "Y" in "MONEY" was shifted one letter to "X," in expression of the company's aim to "design a next-generation framework to deal with money and provide it to customers-to create the "MONEY'' of the future.


However, the "future of finance" that MONEX strives for today is not that of the future as seen from 1999. MONEX believes that it must be the future as seen from each "present"
at different times, the future that is never obsolete.


The name "MONEX" symbolizes the company's wish to create the future of finance-a system suitable for the coming age and not the future as seen from the past-and to provide a new relationship with money which individuals in Japan will come to need.