Mechanisms to Receive Request and Implement Corrective Actions

The opinions and requests we receive from our customers are very valuable to us. Customers occationaly ask whether a company do anything in response to their requests and opinions, but this is not the case with us.


Each group company proactively creates opportunities to collect opinions and requests for products and services, and by scrutinizing and analyzing them, we are building a system to provide higher value-added services and continuously improve customer value.


In addition, the opinions and requests we receive are delivered to the relevant departments within the company, and their responses are shared among managesments and employees.

Monex Securities (Monex, Inc.)

In addition to collectiing customer feedbacks at the call center or via e-mails, Monex Securities also holds hearing sessions with customers at the offices, and regularly host online seminars where customers can ask questions and communicate directly with the management team including CEO. The Customer Center compiles these requests, selects the department in charge, and asks the department to respond. When necessary, intensive discussions are held with the relevant departments, and the results of these discussions are disclosed to all executives and employees.

TradeStation Group

As the customer base of TradeStation continues to evolve, TradeStation has open lines of communication with them in a variety of formats. As TradeStation receives feedback, it has a process for evaluating and making needed changes in order to improve the customer experience.

Reporting on Product and/or Service Quality

After discussing customer feedback between the Customer Center and the relevant departments, Monex Securities widely discloses the answers to questions, measures to respond those requests, and the progress of these measures on its website.

Monex Securities (Monex, Inc.)

We update the "Responses to Customer Feedback" section of the Monex, Inc. website once a month to inform our customers of the most frequently received customer feedback and requests. Monex reviews all customer requests internally, including those not listed below, to determine whether or not to respond to them.