Basic Approach to DEI

To fulfill its corporate philosophy, Monex Group established a medium- to long-term vision, and has expanded its business through the M&A of companies that can share its philosophy and vision. We believe that the corporate atmosphere that has existed since our founding—which allows employees to speak freely and openly regardless of their background, position, or nationality—has allowed for different corporate cultures and created places where employees with various different views can play an active part.


As a result of having delegated discretionary duties to employees from early in their career and promoted talented personnel with an emphasis on ability (regardless of gender and nationality), we have an increased number of female employees and non-Japanese employees, as well as female managers and managers in their 20s. Being output-based means that both male and female employees can feel comfortable in taking childcare leave, and the percentage of eligible male employees who take childcare leave is 77%.


In the modern era of rapid technological evolution and cross-border entry of new services and products, building an organization solely with people having homogenous backgrounds and mindsets is a risk. We believe that creating a corporate culture where people with various views and ways of thinking can speak freely and openly is key to producing new waves and forming an organization with the capacity to overcome any difficulties that may come.

Understanding of DEI within Monex Group

In an employee survey conducted in the summer of 2023 as part of our periodical review of the Materiality Matrix (to measure our impact on our stakeholders, namely, shareholders, customers, and employees), 86% of employees believed that DEI is an essential element for Monex Group, and 88% viewed DEI as essential for innovation.


Our management team is committed to promoting understanding for DEI, and at a training session held this spring for our locations in Japan, top management asserted the importance of being a diverse organization to the nearly 400 participants in the Japan and Crypto Asset segments.

Specific Initiatives

As a group-wide initiative in 2021, we established the DEI Global Steering Group, comprising personnel overseeing human resources and DEI promotion across four segments: Japan, the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and the cryptoasset business. To leverage the capabilities of each company's human resources, the group conducts biannual debriefing sessions, sharing how each company addresses various issues. The objective is to accumulate knowledge and advance DEI initiatives within each company.
In our Japan segment, we emphasize the importance of cultivating a diverse workforce in terms of nationality, age, and experience. Our employee base encompasses a wide array of nationalities from Asia, including Japan, North America, and Europe. Furthermore, to foster an organizational culture that celebrates individuality, internal communication events such as family days and barbecues are held to acquaint employees' families with Monex, enhancing their motivation to work.
Starting from FY2021, regular DEI training sessions have been conducted for all employees at our Japan-based offices. These lectures enable employees to understand the DEI concept and adopt corresponding behaviors in their daily activities.

Photos of employees and their families participating in Family Day

We held an event for employees and their families at the office to introduce our work at Monex to family members.

As a unique initiative to deepen understanding of the DEI, we have implemented "ART IN THE OFFICE." This program invites emerging artists in the field of contemporary art to submit proposals for two-dimensional artworks to adorn the walls of the press room at Monex Group's head office. The winning artwork is then displayed in the press room for approximately one year. During their stay at our office, the winning artists engage in workshops and daily interactions with our employees, creating their artwork. This interaction allows our employees to witness the daily process of trial and error that artists undergo to complete their works. Moreover, through learning about the world as perceived by the artists and their diverse expressions, the program fosters understanding among employees about the importance of embracing different values and perspectives.


In the U.S. segment, TradeStation has instituted a human resource system with an equal employment opportunity policy. This policy ensures impartial personnel opportunities, regardless of race, religion, gender, origin, age, pregnancy, disability, military service experience, marital status, etc., in recruitment, transfer, promotion, retirement, and training. Through DEI promotion, our aim is to establish an internal environment where employees can offer superior products and services to our customers.
Additionally, we provide training and mentorship programs for remote employees to enhance their sense of belonging and contribution to the organization. Efforts are directed towards enhancing the psychological safety of all employees. Moreover, active involvement with the local community includes participation in events like LGBTQ+ and Women in Fintech, enabling the sharing of best practices and information related to DEI. Furthermore, job openings are posted on the Black Professionals Network, a nonprofit organization supporting black employment.

ART IN THE OFFICE 2023 Award-winning work 'Liminal space' Liisa

ART IN THE OFFICE 2023 Award-winning work 'Liminal space' Liisa

Training Achievements


Training Title









DEI Introduction Session



Client Service and DEI



DEI for Recruitment and Coproduction

Definition and Our Group Approach to DEI

Case Studies, The Valuable 500, Web Accessibility

Why DEI Now, How to Treat People with Equity














CEO-sponsored online training on the Code of Conduct and DEI



Off-site all hands meeting

Importance of DEI



Promoting the understanding of Monex Group management policy and corporate philosophy






*Trainings offered in 2021 for Monex Group and Monex Inc.

*Trainings offered in 2023 for all eight Japan based group companies

Ensuring Diversity and an Equitable Evaluation System

The personnel evaluation system at Monex Group and its subsidiary companies is solely based on the criterion of contribution to corporate value, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, etc. The outcomes of these evaluations serve as the foundation for personnel decisions and treatment.
Regarding the pay gap, as we do not employ a gender-based compensation structure, any disparity in pay is not attributed to gender. However, differences in individual contributions evaluated and variations in job classifications may lead to a pay gap.
Furthermore, we use the ratio of female managers and the gender pay gap as metrics to assess the level of diversity ensured in terms of evaluation and compensation. (The fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 results are detailed in the table below).
While our compensation system isn't gender-based, in principle, it avoids gender disparities. However, the table below reflects distinctions among job categories that influence compensation.

By Employment Status





Pay Gap



All Employees













*Covers Monex Group, Inc.,Monex Inc., Coincheck Inc., and TradeStation Group, Inc.

Monex Group Participates in the Valuable 500

At Monex Group, we deeply value diversity as a wellspring of creativity. The Valuable 500, a global initiative advocating for the empowerment of individuals with disabilities, aligns with Monex Group's shared philosophy and ESG/sustainability approach, echoing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ensuring no one is left behind. We have participated in this program since 2021.


Moreover, we are committed to fostering inclusivity for people with disabilities, focusing on specific initiatives. Progress regarding these endeavors is regularly reported and discussed during Monex Group's Board of Directors meetings.


  1. Consideration of customers with disabilities
    • Improve access to financial services: Investing in the research of technologies that improve access for people with disabilities
    • Enhance financial literacy: Investing in the research of technologies that enable people with disabilities to receive investment education
  2. Promoting the hiring of people with disabilities and improving the workplace environment
    • Devise and improve job descriptions and workstyles to enable people with disabilities to work to their full potential in a manner that accommodates their situation
    • Greater use of work from home and remote work
  3. Using funds and other indirect activities to remove barriers and increase opportunities for people with disabilities
    • Provide funds (contributions, investments) to organizations (non-profit organizations, companies) that support people with disabilities
  4. Internal and external activities
    • Disseminate information about the above-mentioned activities to outside parties
    • Continue to hold in-house e-learning and other programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion training that includes disability inclusion

Accolade System

For our business locations in Japan (Monex Group, Monex, Monex Asset Management, Coincheck, Villing, etc.), we have implemented a system called "Petit Thank You Voting Box." This system aims to celebrate the daily interactions among employees and express gratitude for the small yet significant actions they take, respecting diverse work styles. Through this system, employees can easily convey their appreciation. Those who receive the most Thank Yous are rewarded with small gifts. Additionally, we have a distinctive accolade system called "BOOST," which is announced semiannually. This system recognizes employees for outstanding contributions, particularly in areas not immediately visible, such as business enhancement, efficiency improvement, and venturing into new initiatives. The IDEI AWARD, recognizing innovative ideas and service development, holds the highest prestige among these awards. It is judged annually, selecting one winner or a pair of winners.
Furthermore, Coincheck and TradeStation have their own accolade programs that celebrate innovation and contributions to the corporate culture in a visible manner.

Mental Health Care

Monex Group and Monex, Inc. conducts periodic web-based "stress checks" for full-time employees and contract employees of Monex, Inc. and Monex, Inc. to promote awareness of their own stress conditions, analyze the test results collectively, implement measures to improve the work environment, and collaborate with doctors as appropriate, We also analyze the test results collectively, implement measures to improve the work environment, and work with physicians to prevent mental health problems.
In the U.S. segment, TradeStation offers webinars on confronting stress for the purpose of wellness.

Health and Safety Promotion System

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, the Health Committee, consisting of the human resources manager, health manager, industrial physician, and general employees, meets once a month in the Japan segment. The Health Committee monitors overtime hours, discusses workplace environment and health-related issues, and ensures that all employees working within the Group, including temporary employees, can work in good physical and mental health.

Organizational Engagement

By having opportunities to confront employees through dialogue, we aim to foster a culture in which all employees share our corporate philosophy, are motivated to make voluntary contributions to the organization and their work, and participate in organizational improvement on their own initiative.In addition, in an attempt to quantify human capital, we conduct periodic organizational engagement surveys to measure the depth of "human relations," "opportunities for personal growth," and "empathy with the philosophy" to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.
Monex Group and Monex, Inc. conduct engagement surveys twice or three times a year. In 2023, the overall score was 67, with room for improvement compared to the scores of benchmark companies in the areas of individual employees' sense of growth, such as "satisfaction" and "sense of achievement," and organizational structure, such as "culture of challenge" and "recognition of results. The survey results were reviewed and compared to the scores of the benchmark companies. Through the review of the survey results, management is aware of the issues and is communicating with employees to create a more rewarding work environment.
Once a year, TradeStation asks a simple question, "To what extent would you recommend your workplace, department, or supervisor?" to see how the relationship between the company and its employees has changed. Furthermore, the results are shared with all executives and employees each time.
We believe it is important to improve our training system and working environment to support employees' challenges and growth, and to create an organization that aims to be a 100-year company.

Headcount Information

Group* Headcount Information as of March 31, 2023

Ratio of female employees

Ratio of female managers



Ratio of contract employees

Ratio of employees with disabilities

Ratio of Voluntary turnover




Number of Labor Standards Act violations

Number of human rights violations

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*Monex Group, Inc., Monex Inc., Coincheck Inc., TradeStation Group, Inc. covers over 90% of all group employees