"ART IN THE OFFICE 2020" Program: About the Winning Artist and Her Work

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About the ART IN THE OFFICE Program

Monex Group, Inc. started the "ART IN THE OFFICE" program in 2008 as part of its social and cultural activities with an aim to support emerging contemporary artists and enhance employee education. And currently Monex, Inc. is sponsoring  the program from 2010. The program seeks applications from artists of works to install on the wall of the press conference room within Monex's headquarters. The winner is also given a cash award and production fee. The program is run in cooperation with the nonprofit art organization, Arts Initiative Tokyo.

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Yuka Miyauchi / Squid Ring / 2020 /

 Canvas, gesso, bigfin reef squid ink, cuttlefish shell, southern squid crystalline lens, gum arabic, oil paint, watercolor paint, eyelet / 6500×1350mm

Yuka Miyauchi

Yuka Miyauchi Profile

Born in 1985 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Graduated from Tara School of Design. Around 2004, was drawn to the beauty and deliciousness of squid a neighbor had just fished and since then, has single-mindedly been creating paintings of squid. Selected for the 22th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art and won second place in the Tokyo Midtown Award 2019 Art Competition. Has exhibited at the National Squid Processing Cooperative Association’s 50th Anniversary Ceremony at Hotel Okura Tokyo (2015, Tokyo), Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) Advisory Committee Hakodate Conference at Hakodate Kokusai Hotel (2015, Hokkaido), Cephalopod Interface in Crete at the Crete Aquarium (2017, Greece), as well as at solo exhibitions, “Ika Swim” at Retroft Museo (2018, Kagoshima), “Street Museum” at Tokyo Midtown (2020, Tokyo),among others.

Yuka Miyauchi websitehttp://www.miyauchiyuka.com/