Company Overview

The following sections list basic facts about Monex Group, Inc., including headquarters location, major shareholders, capital, management team company history, and an organizational chart.
For basic information and business descriptions of respective group companies, please visit Business Descriptions of Group Companies.


Corporate Governance

Information on corporate governance, including "Basic Principles," "Overview of the System," "Basic Policy Regarding the Internal Control System" as well as "Reports" submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange are listed.
The Group's "Compliance Policies" are also disclosed, in recognition of the importance of corporate governance.


We aim to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate group by contributing to society through our business activities based on the Group's corporate philosophy and code of conduct.

An "Advisory Board," composed of various specialists, has been established in order to obtain balanced, multidisciplinary, and objective opinions and advice.

As part of the Group's social and cultural activities, the "ART IN THE OFFICE" program offers the wall of one of our office meeting rooms to artists as a presentation space for their work.