"ART IN THE OFFICE 2010" Program: About the Winning Artist and His Work

About the ART IN THE OFFICE Program

Monex, Inc. started the ART IN THE OFFICE program in 2008 as part of its social and cultural activities with the aim to support young contemporary artists. Under the program, Monex, Inc. chooses one artist from an open application to provide an exhibition space inside the company's meeting room for a certain period of time, as well as a cach award and production fee. This year, Mr. Shusaku Nakata was selected from the largest number of applicants received in the past.


1000s (Thousands)


About the Artwork Concept
The artwork was in part created with the cooperation of Monex Group employees. Human figures taken from the internet or from photos the artist took of working people in the Marunouchi area, including a number of Monex employees), were created using a computer software tool, printed on paper then posted one by one on the curved wall of the press conference room. The drawing of thousands of people 'moving on' in their lives, depicts the world as the artist sees it.

Profile of Mr.Shusaku Nakata

Born in Nagasaki in 1979, currently resides in Tokyo.Graduated from the Sculpture Course at the Master's Degree Program at Musashino Art University in 2006, and also from Animation Course at the school run by Image Forum in 2007.Centering on sculptures, drawings and animations, he expresses himself by creating installations that ties together different elements with separates beginnings and endings.He searches for a way for his artwork to create a feeling in which we can slightly distance ourselves from the elements that surround us in our everyday life on a human scale to a bigger and unknown dimension, and where those two things can coexist.The artist aims to create a space of understanding of all these elements, where the view forgets whether it is a sculpture or a painting.