Monex Group 25th Anniversary
Monex Group 25th Anniversary

Speak your mind: You are the one to
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As we celebrate the company’s 25-year anniversary, Monex Group is seeing itself changing, starting off with a new management team with Yuko Seimei taking over the role of CEO from Oki Matsumoto.How are Seimei-san and Matsumoto-san envisioning the future of Monex Group? Let’s follow their conversation.

Monex Group can become a leader
that changes society

We interviewed two independent directors who are actively engaged in Monex Group's management in commemoration of Monex Group's 25th anniversary. Their dialogue was insightful and content-rich, offering valuable suggestions.

Sachiko Kuno × Jun Makihara

Future Fusion: A Collaborative Journey

Monex Group is guided by a corporate philosophy centered on designing innovative ways of managing money and realizing individual self-fulfillment for an ever-changing future with an ultimate goal to optimize each person’s lifetime balance sheet. Grounded in this philosophy, we are comprised of individuals with expertise in cutting-edge information technology, global perspectives, and unwavering professionalism. Collaborations thrive within the group, fostering synergies that drive innovation. Here are a few notable examples.

A total of 380 employees from Monex Group companies gathered together, to get to know one another better, reaffirming how we create new value.