Our medium- to long-term management strategy

AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain and other new technologies are spreading globally at a rapid pace, with the potential to radically transform societies and economies. At the same time, the way individuals around the world are managing their money is also changing drastically. Amidst this environment, Monex Group’s goal is to provide services that support a wide, global base of individuals in their economic needs.


Monex Group is now entering a new stage: our U.S. segment is performing well and profits are increasing; we are aggressively implementing new technologies; and Coincheck has joined our Group, enabling us to launch cryptoasset operations backed by quality and quantity.


Monex Securities, the core of our Japan segment, is one of the top major online securities companies in Japan. TradeStation, the core of our U.S. segment, is the 6th ranking online securities company in the United States. And Coincheck, the core of our cryptoasset segment, is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange service operator. Monex Group is one of the few Japanese financial institutions that has individual customers outside of Japan on such a large scale. In addition, it is one of the few publicly listed companies in the world with a significant cryptoasset business.


Global, individual, new technologies – these are the keywords that are defining a new era of finance. We at Monex Group are moving forward with a commitment to create new industries that support individuals and their efforts to manage money.


Specifically, we will incorporate such new technologies as AI primarily in our U.S. segment, and then use that as a base to expand our efforts to each of our global Group operations. In the cryptoasset segment, we will firmly establish our leading position in the cryptocurrency exchange business, create new services beyond cryptocurrency exchange that utilize cryptoassets, and expand globally. In Japan and the United States, we will increase our user base by developing and providing new services that appeal to millennials and other new economic players. And finally, we will expand our operations in the Asia-Pacific region, an area that will support global growth in the future.


In the Japan segment, Monex Securities, with its mature customer base, will continue to improve its existing services for experienced investors and wealthy individuals alike while introducing new services and adding client bases, such as millennials discussed above. In addition, we will work to respond to the needs of a super-aging society.


In the finance business, we are too often prone to think of products and services first, and then pushing them on to our customers. With new technologies, a diverse range of new services will become possible. But instead of thinking what we can do, we need to think what our customers want us to do. Here, the imagination and inventiveness of each and every one of us is key.


At the same time, we want to redefine finance and create and lead a new industry that supports individual economic activity. To do so, we need to possess a creative mind that will seek out what innovative-thinking individuals want and develop services befitting the coming new era.


Global Vision III – for Monex Group’s next new stage


Oki Matsumoto

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Monex Group, Inc.

October 29, 2018