Our medium- to long-term management strategy

Monex designs ways to manage money for a new era with the most innovative IT technologies and world-class financial expertise. By redefining finance, we will strive to support everyone’s investment and economic needs.


As a pioneer in the online brokerage business in Japan, the Monex Group started out as Monex Securities and has since acquired the first online brokerage company in Asia, BOOM Securities of Hong Kong (currently Monex Boom Securities) and TradeStation Securities, a U.S. online brokerage company with tremendous ability to develop superior trading systems that appeal to active traders. For the past five years, we have striven to achieve the goals of “Global Vision,” our medium- to long-term management strategy up until now, focusing on “globalization” to bring together our various companies across regions and “development of an in-house system” to own a cohesive online trading system.


As a result, the Monex Group has retail brokerage business operations in Japan, the United States and Hong Kong, and is involved in retail brokerage businesses in China and other regions, offering customers around the world access to internally developed global online trading systems and state-of-the-art trading tools. These achievements also enable us to grasp the latest trends and developments in the world’s financial markets, new technologies and new businesses.


Having achieved the goals of our Global Vision, we are now moving on to the next phase of our medium- to long-term management strategy, “Global Vision II – Bloom,” which will focus on capitalizing on our achievements. 

More specifically, in the Japan segment, we will further reduce costs and increase profits with our world-class financial expertise and our internally developed backbone system, which allows us to develop products and services flexibly, quickly and at low cost. In the U.S. segment, we will expand our customer base using our knowledge and experience gained in the Japan segment with over a million customers. In the Asia/Pacific segment, we will tap the region’s growth potential to broaden our business scale. As a group, one of the major pillars of our medium- to long-term management strategy will be “improving margins,” that is to achieve a consolidated operating profit margin of 30%.


In addition, we will create a strong organizational structure that enhances the independent management and earnings capacity of each region and segment so that all can contribute to raising profits and corporate value. As a holding company, Monex Group will enhance its ability to oversee each region and segment to ensure the implementation of optimal business strategies, the effective allocation of management resources and the promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration across segments so that synergies can be created and maximized across the entire Group. In doing so, we will seek to reinforce our global management foundation and multi-layer management structure.


Furthermore, for more stable revenues, we will create a more profitable business portfolio. While keeping in mind one of the pillars of our medium- to long-term management strategy, “improving margins,” we will diversify our business areas, products and services, we will move away from our commission-dependent business model and we will reinforce business areas that have more stable revenue streams to utilize the management resources of our company and create new businesses that are befitting the Monex name.


From Global Vision to Global Vision II – Bloom, we will move forward as one to fulfill the needs and expectations of our shareholders and stakeholders.


Oki Matsumoto

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Monex Group, Inc.

April 28, 2017