Since Monex, Inc. was established in Japan in 1999, the Monex Group has been creating corporate value based around its online brokerage services for retail investors. With the recent appearance of the new blockchain technology, the environment of the finance industry is poised to undergo a dramatic change. Anticipating the future of finance, we devised a “New Beginning” plan in October 2017. As a result, the Group acquired Coincheck, Inc. as the forerunner in the cryptocurrency business in April 2018, marking a concrete step of that beginning. In addition to our global online brokerage services in Japan, the U.S., Hong Kong and Australia, this move has launched our crypto asset business, which provides cryptocurrency services. Going forward, we shall expand our customer base even more in securities as well as cryptocurrency trading, in order to build up a new financial conglomerate. As we look toward the constantly-changing future, we will build a new business that is both progressive and diversified by designing innovative ways of managing money.

Since our founding, the Monex Group has been constructing a governance system that centers on foresight and diversity, and looks to continuously pursue an independent organization like designing our own in-house system.

We will also continue use our state-of-the-art IT and world-class financial expertise to strive and develop profitable services, which are conducive to investment and economic activities for various individual customers. This will help us continue to build corporate value over the long term.