Ever since its establishment, Monex Group has developed online brokerage and other financial services for individual investors with a strong desire to support their investment and economic activities for the “Future of Finance.” Since then, we have expanded its financial services globally under its “Global Vision” and has designed next-generation financial services incorporating the latest technologies under its new vision, “New Beginning.” With an unwavering commitment to be one step ahead of the times, we are constantly working to expand and create new businesses.


Last fiscal year, we recorded the highest operating revenue after deducting financial expenses and cost of sales in its corporate history. With this achievement, we promoted upfront investments for further medium- and long-term growth.


As a new challenge, Monex Group revised its corporate philosophy in April 2021 with the goal to realize individual self-fulfillment and optimize each person’s lifetime balance sheet. We are pursuing a growth strategy to provide unprecedented value to ever more customers. By further reinforcing our revenue base and actively investing in growth areas, we are striving to return profits to our shareholders in a balanced manner and achieve mid- to long-term sustainable growth in corporate value.


To all our shareholders, we thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.