Signing of the agreement in Hachinohe City
Signing of the agreement in Hachinohe City

The Contact Center (call center) plays an important role as "the face" of Monex Group, Inc.'s subsidiary Monex, Inc., as it serves as the point of direct contact with customers via telephone.


The Contact Center offers full-fledged support to customers, tailored to their various needs. Its services include "Customer Dial", through which experienced operators answer questions from customers. and "PC Support Dial", that offers solutions for personal computer troubles in a

friendly and attentive manner.

As financial products and services become more diverse and more specialized, the role of the Contact Center, which offers support to customers not only by phone but also by e-mail, is becoming increasingly important.


Against this backdrop, Monex, Inc. has chosen Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture as the location for establishing a next-generation contact center that can offer high-quality and stable services. The decision was based on Hachinohe City's various advantages, including its mild climate, flexible accessibility owing to well developed transportation systems, excellent tertiary institutions and a stable supply of human resources. The company signed an agreement on the terms and conditions of the location regarding the planned Contact Center with Hachinohe City and Aomori Prefecture in January 2008.


The most important characteristic of the construction project of the new Contact Center is the fact that it is being forward with the close public, private and academic sector collaboration.
In addition to obtaining support from Hachinohe City and Aomori Prefecture on the location and recruitment of staff regarding the Center, Monex Group, Inc. is enhancing collaboration with the local community by sending lecturers from the Group to Hachinohe University, where a Monex-sponsored lecture course, also open to the general public, is being held.


The new Contact Center in Hachinohe began recruitment in April 2008, and commenced operation in the fall of 2008.