Monex Group - Group Policy and Basic Thinking

Monex Group offers its products and services with an aim of improving individual's well-being under its corporate principle of "designing innovative ways of managing money in a new era so that customers can realize individual self-fulfillment and optimize their lifetime balance sheet"


In line with the basic thinking above, Monex Group, Inc., the holding company, established the following "Monex Group Responsible Products and Services Offering Policy" for improving the customer experience of its entire group offerings, while each group company is striving to improve the customer experience under the following respective group company policies. With the following policies and management structure, Monex Group as a whole is working to improve the customer experience and achieve the individual's well-being through its products and services offering.

Major Group Companies - Policy and Thinking

Monex Securities (Monex, Inc.)

Monex Securities has established a "Customer-Oriented Business Conduct Policy" and strives to provide products and services based on the PDCA management of the key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction indicator through its servifces. In addition, the management team plays a central role in improving customer-oriented business operations by proactively creating a mechanism to collect feedback from customers and implementing a PDCA cycle to utilize such feedback in the daily product and service offerings. The following website shows the track-record of its KPIs as well as the Monex Securities' customer-oriented business conduct policy.

TradeStation Group

TradeStation Group (TradeStation) employees work together in a high-performance culture with the goal of providing its customers with exceptional products and services. TradeStation focuses on continuous improvement and innovation of the products and services it provides to the customers. In addition, through its investment education content and analytical tools, TradeStation aims to create an ecosystem for traders, investors and anyone looking to gain access to capital or cryptocurrency markets and strive for better. The goal of TradeStation is to help everyone to claim their financial edge, no matter their background or prior experience.


As its customer base continues to evolve, TradeStation has open lines of communication with them in a variety of formats. As TradeStation receives feedback, it has a process for evaluating and making needed changes in order to improve the customer experience.


Coincheck actively collects requests and inquiries from customers and strives to build an operational structure that allows it to respond to inquiries promptly. In addition, Coincheck holds weekly meetings to share customer feedback and improve the products and services, and its marketing and product business promotion staff take the initiative in incorporating customer feedback into its products. Through these efforts, Coincheck strives to create a safe and secure environment for "the exchange of new values" and provide optimal products and services for its customers under the Coincheck corporate mission of "facilitating the exchange of new values".