Monex Group Management Policy

The Monex Group is a holding company with finance related subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates inside and outside of Japan (headquarter). The Group has three major revenue streams; online brokerage firms, Monex, Inc. in Japan and TradeStation Group, Inc. in the U.S., and a cryptocurrency exchange service provider, Coincheck, Inc. in Japan. Based on the Group's business principles and code of conduct, the Monex Group aims to provide comprehensive financial services necessary for the daily lives and asset building of retail investors.


Business Principles

Monex Group Code of Conduct

Monex Group Human Rights Policy


Monex Group ESG Approach

Embracing our business principles and working toward raising corporate value sustainably, by addressing ESG issues related to our medium-to-long term business areas

Overview of Monex Group’s ESG

Materiality Matrix

Aiming to solve the Group's unique management and social issues, the "Monex Group Materiality Matrix" was formulated by aggregating the requests and opinions from its stakeholders. The matrix has the level of importance to the Group's stakeholders on the vertical axis and the level of importance regarding the impact on the Group's business performance on the horizontal axis.


The process for identifying the materiality matrix is described below.

  1. Each item was selected based on the needs of each of the Group's stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and suppliers, NGOs & industry Groups, and the government).
  2. The ESG Promotion Secretariat developed a draft matrix mapping the impact on the Group's business.
  3. Revised and finalized after discussion at the Board of Directors meeting
Materiality Matrix


ESG Project Organization Diagram

As part of Monex’s full commitment to ESG activities, the ESG Promotion Secretariat (Secretariat Director: Executive Director & General Manager of CEO Office) was established in February 2019 to lead those activities. The Secretariat provides regular reports to keep the Board up to date, gain approval, tackle a variety of issues and disclose ESG information.

Addressing Important Issues in Our Business

In the Monex Group's business, we have sifted through the important issues that we must resolve and have assigned a specific executive officer to be in charge. Each officer will be responsible for a particular category and help us address each issue by setting targets and monitoring progress.


Important Matrix Issues and Responsible Executive Officer


ESG Data

Summary data book for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives related to Monex Group's business activities.