Monex Group Management Policy

The Monex Group is a holding company with finance related subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates inside and outside of Japan (headquarter). The Group has three major revenue streams; online brokerage firms, Monex, Inc. in Japan and TradeStation Group, Inc. in the U.S., and a cryptocurrency exchange service provider, Coincheck, Inc. in Japan. Based on the Group's business principles and code of conduct, the Monex Group aims to provide comprehensive financial services necessary for the daily lives and asset building of retail investors.


Business Principles

Monex Group Code of Conduct

Monex Group Human Rights Policy


Monex Group ESG Approach

Embracing our business principles and working toward raising corporate value sustainably, by addressing ESG issues related to our medium-to-long term business areas

Overview of Monex Group’s ESG

Declaration of Monex Sustainability Statement

Monex Group has announced its approach and thinking to ESG/sustainability as Monex Sustainability Statement. With formulating this statement, all the board of directors in Monex Group have committed to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Monex Sustainability Statement

Our company name “MONEX,” one step ahead of the “Y” in “MONEY,” expresses our desire to embrace all people who are engaged at the forefront of our future. With state-of-the-art Information Technology globally universal values and a sense of professionalism, Monex Group designs innovative ways of managing money and realizing individual self-fulfillment for an ever-changing future. Our ultimate goal is to optimize each person’s lifetime balance sheet.

In addition, Monex Group enables people around the world to achieve self-fulfillment and strives to contribute to environmental and societal sustainability. In the present and in the ever-changing future, Monex Group is committed to respecting the diversity of its customers and employees and working with its various stakeholders to resolve societal issues, to create new value and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Ever since its establishment, Monex Group has incorporated ESG and sustainability perspectives in its operations. Monex Group operates environmentally friendly online financial businesses and further seeks to reduce environmental burden in each subsidiary. In addition, it continuously works to improve corporate governance as a corporation with committees with outside directors commanding a majority on the board. And finally, it strives to enhance employee diversity and creativity with policies that value diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Through its activist fund, Monex Group engages with the listed companies it invests in to improve their corporate governance and contribute to their greater sustainability. With promoting sustainable finance businesses, Monex Group aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment and society while creating positive impact.

Through these and other initiatives, Monex Group is committed to fulfilling its corporate philosophy.

Effective June 26, 2021

Materiality Matrix

Aiming to solve the Group's unique management and social issues, the "Monex Group Materiality Matrix" was formulated by aggregating the requests and opinions from its stakeholders. The matrix has the level of importance to the Group's stakeholders on the vertical axis and the level of importance regarding the impact on the Group's business performance on the horizontal axis.


The process for identifying the materiality matrix is described below.

  1. Each item was selected based on the needs of each of the Group's stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and suppliers, NGOs & industry Groups, and the government).
  2. The ESG Promotion Secretariat developed a draft matrix mapping the impact on the Group's business.
  3. Revised and finalized after discussion at the Board of Directors meeting
Materiality Matrix

ESG Project Organization Diagram

Monex Group is engaged in full-scale ESG activities through the ESG/Sustainability Task Force, which is a cross-functional team within the company. The ESG/Sustainbability Task Force reviews and identidies overall sustainability issues, including environmental issues (E) such as climate crisis, and social issues (S) such as innovation and human capital resources. The ESG and sustainability initiatives are regularly reported to the Board of Directors for approval and the Task Force engages all group companies to work on the issues and for information disclosures.  

Note: The Japan locations include the Crypto asset segment and the Investment segment.

Addressing Important Issues in Our Business

In the Monex Group's business, we have sifted through the important issues that we must resolve and have assigned a specific executive officer to be in charge. Each officer will be responsible for a particular category and help us address each issue by setting targets and monitoring progress.



Important Matrix Issues and Responsible Executive Officer

Critical Categories in Matrix Responsible Executive
Corporate Governance CEO
Risk Management Risk Control Manager
Innovation CEO
Improve Financial Literacy Co-CEO
Financial Inclusion Co-CEO
Data Security & Privacy Information Security Executive Officer
Recruiting & Human Development, Labor Practices,
and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Human Resources Executive Officer
Compliance (AML & Anti-corruption) Internal Controls Executive
Sustainable Finance Sustainable Finance Department Executive Officer

ESG Data

Summary data book for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives related to Monex Group's business activities.