Employee Training

Rationale Behind Human Resources Strategy in Monex Group

During an era when VUCA plagues the environment with businesses facing drastic changes on an irregular basis and with uncertainty, it is essential for Monex Group to formulate a human resources strategy in line with the changes of a competitive setting, in order to grow our corporate value sustainably. Specifically, this translates into clarifying the type of worker we require, building an ideal portfolio of workers to foster business growth and constructing an organization that secures and nurtures personnel who can provide innovation and added value.

Monex Group embraces the understanding that each and every employee collectively makes up the driving force (human capital) that generates revenue, and increasing their output leads to maximizing our corporate value. Therefore, we shall work harder to actively invest in opportunities where employees can extend the breadth of their knowledge, skills and experience.

In order to create a highly productive organization, we have focused on a specific framework for our human resources strategy:
(1)Raise the ability of each and every employee
(2)Create an environment where the output of each and every employee is maximized
(3)Promote autonomy and make a fair and equitable working

environment for diversified personnel and their different working styles
In addition, we will apply a portfolio management approach to human resources to better understand in a timely manner which type of employee is needed, by mapping out the skills and abilities required for each department and position. This portfolio management approach will enable us to adapt and hire vital personnel in our business strategy and assign the right person for the right position.

Employee Training and Evaluation

In order to achieve sustainable growth, employee training and retention is important topic for the next generation of employees.


In the Japan segment, we changed the evaluation approach of management by focusing more on training and developing personnel than on performance. This change is designed so that management plays a more significant role in the development of human resources for the next generation.
Going forward, we will ensure our system provides that next generation of employees the chance to get career advice from management, and with our mentor system in place, we aim to create a work environment that encourages experienced employees to help develop and guide younger personnel.


In the U.S. segment, recruitment activities also incorporate DEI principles, ranging from recruiting diverse candidates and schools, for regular internship programs and post-hire compensation plans. Compensation programs are designed based on the hiring market and take into account the skill sets, job performance levels, and tenure of eligible candidates.


In human resource development, our training programs are designed to enable employees to take advantages of learning opportunities in order to enhance the value of their work. We also promote initiatives aimed at improving and enhancing the working environment, such as providing a work system that allows full remote work style and hybrid work style, giving quarterly awards to employees, and conducting regular hearings from employees. In addition, TradeStation Group shares the "TradeStation Fundamentals" , a set of 26 values with all employees in order to provide valuable services to our clients.



Work Environment

Initiatives for Better Productivity

We believe that employees must be physically and mentally healthy in order to increase our competitive edge in business. Since 2017, the Monex Group has been involved in improving the work-life balance as part of the “Tokyo Work-Style Reform  Declaration” program that is promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In 2021, we introduced a telecommuting system to maximize work efficiency and output by minimizing restrictions on places or working time that employees can achieve the best balance between work and private life for all employees. We have also introduced a "free-address" system at the head office, which allows employees to choose their preferred seats without fixed seating on certain floors, creating a seamless environment that increases opportunities for information sharing and encourages communication across departments, divisions, and positions.


As part of the “Tokyo Work-Style Reform  Declaration” program, we are working to  promote a work-life balance in the Company  and to raise the percentage of employees  who use annual paid leave to 70% by 2020.

Safety and Health Promoting System

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Law, the Health Committee that comprises of Head of Human Resource Department and Health Manager, Health Supervisor, industrial doctors, and general employees, is held once a month. The Health Committee discusses issues related to workplace environments and health and ensures that all employees in the group, including temporary staffs, can work healthfully in terms of both mentally and physically.

Mental healthcare

Monex Group periodically conduct a web-based "stress check" examination for regular and contract employees to promote awareness of one’s stress condition. We also analyze the collective data with physicians and implement company-wide measures to improve the workplace environments so that Monex Group prevents mental health disorders of employees.

Responding to Diverse Employment Styles

We believe that having a good work-life balance is essential to keeping employee motivation high every day at work. The Monex Group strives to create an environment that enables employees to live a rich, full life in their work and at home, and our HR system, for example, provides both child-care leave as well as family-care leave. In addition, as noted below, the return-to-work rate after maternity leave is 100%. (The table below shows the results of childcare leave taken.)


Childcare leave taken

  Female Male
FY Leave takers Average days Leave takers Average days
2015 0 0 1 3
2016 4 259 1 1
2017 6 274 7 53
2018 6 405 7 64
2019 2 396 8 43
2020 1 308 4 40
2021 1 308 3 6



Flexible Work Schedule

In the Japan segment, it became harder for all the employees to follow one designated schedule to be at work, because there were more developers who were working on the transition to an in-house backbone brokerage system for Monex, Inc. We believed that letting employees select a work schedule to match their work load would make it easier to work and improve both work efficiency and labor productivity. As a result, we introduced a flexible work schedule in January 2017. In addition to this new flexibility, we shortened the work day by thirty minutes from 8 hours to 7.5 hours.

The goal of this shortened day was to build awareness among employees to use the limited time more effectively, such as for self-improvement or investing in their own time and spending more time with family, etc. After introducing the flexible work schedule, there was more freedom for employees with children to decide on a schedule that was more accommodating. This gave them leeway during the morning commute, and ultimately, its effect included working more efficiently and increasing labor productivity.

In the U.S. segment, employees in some departments at headquarters in Florida as well as some in the Costa Rica office now work remotely from home due to specific circumstances. A flexible time schedule had already been introduced here and it has shown how this working style favors work efficiency.

Support for Employees with Children and Maternity Leave


Monex Group strives to develop systems and an environment to help women return to work after taking maternity leave. To date, 100% of female employees and managers have returned to work after taking such leave. In addition, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare officially recognized the Monex Group in 2017 as a company that supports employees with children.

Organizational Engagement

By having opportunities to confront employees through dialogue, we aim to foster a corporate culture in which all employees share our corporate philosophy, are motivated to contribute to the organization and their work, and participate in organizational improvement on their own initiative. In addition, in an attempt to quantify human capital, we periodically conducts an organizational engagement survey to measure the depth of "opportunities for personal growth," and "empathy with the philosophy," with the aim of visualizing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Headcount Information

Group* Headcount Information as of March 31, 2022

Ratio of female employees

Ratio of female managers



Ratio of contract employees

Ratio of employees with disabilities

Ratio of Voluntary turnover





Number of Labor Standards Act violations

Number of human rights violations

0 cases


0 cases

*Monex Group, Inc.,Monex Inc., Coincheck Inc., TradeStation Group, Inc.& Groupwide in the US Segment

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Our Approach

In order for our group to achieve sustainable growth, we believe it is important for our organization to have an environment and culture of high quality DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) for our people. In order to meet the demands of our diverse clients, our Group's own diversity in personnel and leadership structure is one of our competitiveness. We also believe that promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness will be a source of innovation that will not only promote existing businesses but also create new businesses. With regard to our human resource strategy, we are building an organization with diversity by continuing to promote managers and core personnel based solely on their contribution to corporate value, regardless of gender, age, or nationality. 


In the future, we aim to create a working environment that not only "recognizes diversity " but also "accepts people as members of the company and ensures fairness (equity)" and "creates an environment where people can play an active role (inclusion)" so that individuals with various values and personalities can maximize their abilities. We will focus on building with a healthy competitive environment. 


DEI Initiatives

The group-wide effort DEI Global Steering Group was established in November 2021, consisting of human resources and DEI promotion staff from the four segments of Japan, United States, Asia Pacific, and the Cryptoasset business. In order to fully utilize the capabilities of each company's human resources, the group aims to accumulate know-how and help promote DEI at each company by sharing within the group efforts to address various issues at the group's quarterly reporting meetings.


In the Japan segment, we understand that it is very important to have an organization with a diverse staff in terms of nationality, age and experience. We have employees working here from such a diverse range of nationalities  from Asia (including Japan), North America, and Europe. In addition, we hold events like Family Day and BBQs  to encourage internal communication and to help our employees’ families become more familiar with Monex. These events foster a corporate climate that maximizes the individuality of each employee and improves motivation at work.


In FY2021, we conducted online DEI training for all Japan-based employees. A total of 330 employees attended three lectures on the concept of DEI and what they should be aware of and do on a daily basis within the company.

At TradeStation in the U.S. Segment, our HR system and policy is designed to provide equal opportunities in our hiring practices. For example, we offer equal opportunities to all candidates being recruited and employees seeking transfers, promotions, retirement and/or training regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sex, birthplace, age, pregnancy, handicaps, military service, or spousal status.


TradeStation have also established the DEI Council, which promotes DEI through a community of management and employees to create an environment that establishes diversity and promotes equal opportunity in all aspects of the company. In addition, we are actively working with the local community by participating in events (LGBTQ+, Women in Fintech) to share and exchange best practices related to DEI, and posting job openings on the Black Professionals Network, a non-profit organization that supports black employment.


We held an event for employees and their families at the office to introduce our work at Monex to family members.

DEI Training in FY2021

Training Title Details Participants
DEI Introduction Session Definition and Our Group Approach to DEI 207
Client Service and DEI Case Studies, The Valuable 500, Web Accessibility 82
DEI for Recruitment and Coproduction Why DEI Now, How to Treat People with Equity 159

Initiatives for the Gender

Japan Segment (Monex Group, Inc. and Monex, Inc.) attracts a diverse workforce through a gender-neutral wage system to achieve "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion".


Average Gender Pay* Female Male
Non-Management 89% 100%
Management 98% 100%


*  Calculated using July 2020-June 2021 salaries and the number of employees at the end of July 2020.
Basic Survey on Wage Structure (Ministry of Health, Labourand Welfare), 2019;Female: 74% / Male: 100


Initiatives for the Minority


In April 2016, we revised the company regulations and expanded on the concept of “spouse.” The system was changed to include common-law marriages so they were eligible to take vacation for their honeymoon or receive a wedding gift bonus. We also are helping realize more diversity in society through our business, including the development of a new service for customers who are LGBT couples.


Monex Group, Inc. and its group subsidiary Monex, Inc. have each been recognized for their LGBT initiatives at the workplace with a Silver Rating in PRIDE Index 2022, an index created by the voluntary organization, work with Pride which supports the promotion and institutionalization of diversity management in companies relating to LGBT.

Though Monex Group and Monex, Inc. were each awarded the highest ranked Gold Rating for three consecutive years until last year, this year's award was a Silver Rating because of remaining issues in one of the evaluation categories, “social contribution and public relations activities.” We will continue to enhance our efforts to permeate DEI in society with a commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion and the participation in the activities of the general incorporated association MASHING UP※.

※For more information about the general incorporated association MASHING UP (https://mashingup.org/) 


In addition, the company received the "Best Workplace for Diversity & Inclusion" certification in the "D&I Award 2022," an award established by JobRainbow Inc. to recognize companies that are making efforts in diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace.


Initiatives in securities services that help the LGBT community

Promote a diverse society through an internal business competition on LGBT


Monex, Inc. rolled out a “Partner Account” service for customers whose marriage was not legally recognized. This is the first Partner Account service provided by a major online securities brokerage company. “Partners” can specify one account to save money together and link the same account to make credit card payments. The idea for this service came from the internal competition “EDISON” that Monex, Inc. started in 2017. At that time, seminars and other internal measures were provided for the employees to promote understanding and awareness about LBGT, thereby creating an atmosphere to build and contribute to an LGBT friendly environment among society. For this reason, LGBT was set as first theme in the aforementioned business competition called EDISON. The team which felt that LGBT couples suffered from many disadvantages compared to legally married couples came up with the idea for a financial institution like Monex to provide a service to improve their situation and the result was a Partner Account. The idea won the competition as the service was unavailable at other companies, rolling it out quickly was easy with our in-house infrastructure, and was a meaningful initiative for society. Our hope through the service offering is to help build momentum in society to garner more LGBT allies and support.


The Valuable 500

Monex Group joined The Valuable 500 as of January 19, 2021 because the group sees the initiative is alined with both the group's philosophy and the SDGs principle to leave no one behind by the United Nations. 
Going forward, Monex Group will make further efforts to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, focusing on the following items, and will report and discuss the progress of these efforts as an agenda at Monex Group Board of Directors meetings.


  1. Consideration of customers with disabilities
    • Improve access to financial services: Investing in the research of technologies that improve access for people with disabilities
    • Enhance financial literacy: Investing in the research of technologies that enable people with disabilities to receive investment education
  2. Promoting the hiring of people with disabilities and improving the workplace environment
    • Devise and improve job descriptions and workstyles to enable people with disabilities to work to their full potential in a manner that accommodates their situation
    • Greater use of work from home and remote work
  3. Using funds and other indirect activities to remove barriers and increase opportunities for people with disabilities
    • Provide funds (contributions, investments) to organizations (non-profit organizations, companies) that support people with disabilities
  4. Internal and external activities
    • Disseminate information about the above-mentioned activities to outside parties
    • Continue to hold in-house e-learning and other programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion training that includes disability inclusion

Human rights

Basic Approach

The Group recognizes respect for human rights as an important issue in its business activities and has formulated the "Monex Group Human Rights Policy", which was approved by the Board of Directors on January 24, 2023. We also respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Children's Rights and Business Principles. In addition, the Code of Conduct stipulates respect for human rights and diversity in Section 4, and we make the Code of Conduct known and thoroughly understood through newsletters that are issued regularly and distributed to all Group employees.

System for Respect of Human Rights

The Board of Directors supervises the progress of the Group's respect for human rights, and the Human Resources Division is in charge of reviewing and promoting measures related to respect for human rights.

Initiatives to Respect Human Rights

To prevent harassment in the workplace, the Company regularly conducts bullying and harassment training for all officers and employees, including managers. By providing employees with opportunities to learn through education on the definition of harassment, case studies, prevention measures, and what to do in the event of an incident, we aim to prevent workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, power harassment, and harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, and nursing care leave, as well as to promote mutual respect and recognition and to encourage employees to work actively and demonstrate their abilities. We also provide a work environment where each and every employee can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role.