A corporation, as a member of society, shall assume social responsibility, as a citizen shall do so in society. As members of society, Monex Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, hereinafter "the Group Companies") have dedicated to and will continue to manage business activities based on the following vital principles; 1) always having high ethical standards, and 2) always respecting and observing the internal compliance systems which are established based on those standards. These two principles encourage the Group Companies to earn stable trust from all of the customers and business partners, and underpin continued growth and development of corporate values of the Group Companies.


In day-to-day operations, the directors and employees of the Group Companies strictly observe laws and regulations applicable to the business activities, as well as those of the local communities in which they live as citizens. Management decisions and business activities of the Group Companies are made and run based on the said high ethical standards in order to meet expectations and interests of society. The Group Companies will continue improving the compliance systems and growing the morals of the directors and employees within and among all the Group Companies for the purpose of ensuring the observance to the said compliance policy.