Monex Group seeks to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate group by contributing to society through our  business operations, based on the business principle and code of conduct of the Group.

We believe that, as a member of society, it is an important challenge and responsibility for our Group to  establish a trustworthy financial infrastructure for individuals, and to provide the best possible financial services  currently being demanded, thereby contributing to the healthy development of the capital market. Monex  Group will continue to focus on our operations as a financial group, through which we seek to contribute to the  sustainable development of society as a whole.

The Group is also working to improve our business value and launched the ESG promotion team to support  and address social issues.



ESG Investment Promotion

Introducing retail investors to funds with ESG and SDG themes.

Cyber Security

Sharing cyber security measures taken by Monex Group.

Human Resources Strategy / Work Environment / Diversity & Inclusion

Our thoughts on talent strategies; work environment; and diversity & inclusion.

Community Development and Investment Education

Introducing Hachinohe Contact Center Office and investment seminars throughout Japan.


Our open invitation initiative soliciting submissions for a piece of art to be displayed in our headquarters’ press room.

Corporate Governance

Introducing Monex Group’s corporate governance.