Money generates value only when it is actually used, as with other public goods. The philosophy of Monex is universal - we wish to offer accessible financial services, in the same way as essential services like electricity and gas supply. To this end, we must create an improved capital market and provide even better "money" services. It also means we need to fight old frameworks and systems by remaining faithful to our venture spirit.

Our mission is to design innovative ways of managing money and support everybody's investment and economic needs.

Always a step ahead of the "Y" in "MONEY," our name MONEX symbolizes our position as a forerunner in finance.

Overviews of financial group companies across Japan, USA and Asia Pacific regions.

Information on the Contact Center (call center) of Monex, Inc.

“Global Vision II - Bloom” is our new medium- to long-term management strategy which focuses on to capitalize on our achievements of “globalization” and “in-house system development” under “Global Vision.”

Our new challenge is to achieve “improving margins” while also aiming at enhancing managerial and earning powers of each of the Japan, US and Asia/Pacific regional companies, creating new businesses and diversifying our business areas and generating and maximizing synergies across the entire Group.